Sunday will be a Day of Rest in the Muslim State of Johor in Malaysia

Sunday will be a Day of Rest in the Muslim State of Johor in Malaysia

The world is lining up and adjusting to the new economy, which will recognize Sunday as a day of rest for everyone. In Johor, Malaysia, Islam is the official religion. For many years, Friday and Saturday were their days of rest. They now intend to include Sunday as one of their work-free rest days. This shift follows the current popular trend of incorporating a four-day work week to give employees more time off. On Monday, June 20, 2022, the Malay Mail, Malaysia’s oldest newspaper, published the following:

• “As part of the proposal, the state government will end its Friday workday at noon, and civil servants will not be required to return to the office after Friday prayers. Saturday and Sunday will be observed as official rest days and the start of the working week will be the following Monday.”

• “On June 14, Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Onn Hafiz Ghazi (the chief minister of Johor) said the state was looking at the possibility of reviewing its rest days after listening to feedback from the people about the difference in rest days between the government and private bodies.”

Here we have a Muslim politician saying that they are considering other days of rest. Friday is the religious day of rest for Muslims. By adopting Sunday, they are obviously taking into consideration the so-called “Christian” day of rest. We are told in Great Controversy, p. 587, that people will use the “desecration of the so-called Christian Sabbath” as justification for requiring Sunday “observance.” This is precisely what is taking place in this overwhelming Muslim community in Malaysia.

Pope Francis is the architect of this global plan to change the world by establishing a universal day of rest. He has been exerting pressure on our worldwide financial institutions, on our political systems, and on our churches for years to enact major social, economic and religious changes that are in accordance with Vatican policies that call for work-free Sunday rest. #sda #adventist #adventista

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