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“When animals migrate and they change their territory, they come in contact with other animals that they’ve never been in contact with before. And they exchange viruses, just as they exchange viruses with us.”

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Healthy lifestyle habits that support immunity can “make a really big difference,” he said. Take any medications you have been prescribed, find healthy food you love and don’t smoke or be exposed to others’ smoke, Frieden recommended.

By Kristen Rogers, CNN

(CNN)More than two years into the Covid-19 pandemic, we have reached a crossroads.

Through the long centuries that have passed since Elijah’s time, the record of his lifework has brought inspiration and courage to those who have been called to stand for the right in the midst of apostasy. And for us, “upon whom the ends of the world are come” (1 Corinthians 10:11), it has special significance. History is being repeated. The world today has its Ahabs and its Jezebels. The present age is one of idolatry, as verily as was that in which Elijah lived. No outward shrine may be visible; there may be no image for the eye to rest upon; yet thousands are following after the gods of this world—after riches, fame, pleasure, and the pleasing fables that permit man to follow the inclinations of the unregenerate heart. Multitudes have a wrong conception of God and His attributes, and are as truly serving a false god as were the worshipers of Baal. Many even of those who claim to be Christians have allied themselves with influences that are unalterably opposed to God and His truth. Thus they are led to turn away from the divine and to exalt the human PK 177.1

Satan works through the elements also to garner his harvest of unprepared souls. He has studied the secrets of the laboratories of nature, and he uses all his power to control the elements as far as God allows. When he was suffered to afflict Job, how quickly flocks and herds, servants, houses, children, were swept away, one trouble succeeding another as in a moment. It is God that shields His creatures and hedges them in from the power of the destroyer. But the Christian world have shown contempt for the law of Jehovah; and the Lord will do just what He has declared that He would—He will withdraw His blessings from the earth and remove His protecting care from those who are rebelling against His law and teaching and forcing others to do the same. Satan has control of all whom God does not especially guard. He will favor and prosper some in order to further his own designs, and he will bring trouble upon others and lead men to believe that it is God who is afflicting them.
While appearing to the children of men as a great physician who can heal all their maladies, he will bring disease and disaster, until populous cities are reduced to ruin and desolation. Even now he is at work. In accidents and calamities by sea and by land, in great conflagrations, in fierce tornadoes and terrific hailstorms, in tempests, floods, cyclones, tidal waves, and earthquakes, in every place and in a thousand forms, Satan is exercising his power. He sweeps away the ripening harvest, and famine and distress follow. He imparts to the air a deadly taint, and thousands perish by the pestilence. These visitations are to become more and more frequent and disastrous. Destruction will be upon both man and beast. “The earth mourneth and fadeth away,” “the haughty people … do languish. The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant.” Isaiah 24:4, 5.
And then the great deceiver will persuade men that those who serve God are causing these evils. The class that have provoked the displeasure of Heaven will charge all their troubles upon those whose obedience to God’s commandments is a perpetual reproof to transgressors. It will be declared that men are offending God by the violation of the Sunday sabbath; that this sin has brought calamities which will not cease until Sunday observance shall be strictly enforced; and that those who present the claims of the fourth commandment, thus destroying reverence for Sunday, are troublers of the people, preventing their restoration to divine favor and temporal prosperity. Thus the accusation urged of old against the servant of God will be repeated and upon grounds equally well established: “And it came to pass, when Ahab saw Elijah, that Ahab said unto him, Art thou he that troubleth Israel? And he answered, I have not troubled Israel; but thou, and thy father’s house, in that ye have forsaken the commandments of the Lord, and thou hast followed Baalim.” 1 Kings 18:17, 18. As the wrath of the people shall be excited by false charges, they will pursue a course toward God’s ambassadors very similar to that which apostate Israel pursued toward Elijah.
The miracle-working power manifested through spiritualism will exert its influence against those who choose to obey God rather than men. Communications from the spirits will declare that God has sent them to convince the rejecters of Sunday of their error, affirming that the laws of the land should be obeyed as the law of God. They will lament the great wickedness in the world and second the testimony of religious teachers that the degraded state of morals is caused by the desecration of Sunday. Great will be the indignation excited against all who refuse to accept their testimony.
Satan’s policy in this final conflict with God’s people is the same that he employed in the opening of the great controversy in heaven. He professed to be seeking to promote the stability of the divine government, while secretly bending every effort to secure its overthrow. And the very work which he was thus endeavoring to accomplish he charged upon the loyal angels. The same policy of deception has marked the history of the Roman Church. It has professed to act as the vicegerent of Heaven, while seeking to exalt itself above God and to change His law. Under the rule of Rome, those who suffered death for their fidelity to the gospel were denounced as evildoers; they were declared to be in league with Satan; and every possible means was employed to cover them with reproach, to cause them to appear in the eyes of the people and even to themselves as the vilest of criminals. So it will be now. While Satan seeks to destroy those who honor God’s law, he will cause them to be accused as lawbreakers, as men who are dishonoring God and bringing judgments upon the world.
God never forces the will or the conscience; but Satan’s constant resort—to gain control of those whom he cannot otherwise seduce—is compulsion by cruelty. Through fear or force he endeavors to rule the conscience and to secure homage to himself. To accomplish this, he works through both religious and secular authorities, moving them to the enforcement of human laws in defiance of the law of God.
Those who honor the Bible Sabbath will be denounced as enemies of law and order, as breaking down the moral restraints of society, causing anarchy and corruption, and calling down the judgments of God upon the earth. Their conscientious scruples will be pronounced obstinacy, stubbornness, and contempt of authority. They will be accused of disaffection toward the government. Ministers who deny the obligation of the divine law will present from the pulpit the duty of yielding obedience to the civil authorities as ordained of God. In legislative halls and courts of justice, commandment keepers will be misrepresented and condemned. A false coloring will be given to their words; the worst construction will be put upon their motives.
As the Protestant churches reject the clear, Scriptural arguments in defense of God’s law, they will long to silence those whose faith they cannot overthrow by the Bible. Though they blind their own eyes to the fact, they are now adopting a course which will lead to the persecution of those who conscientiously refuse to do what the rest of the Christian world are doing, and acknowledge the claims of the papal sabbath.
The dignitaries of church and state will unite to bribe, persuade, or compel all classes to honor the Sunday. The lack of divine authority will be supplied by oppressive enactments. Political corruption is destroying love of justice and regard for truth; and even in free America, rulers and legislators, in order to secure public favor, will yield to the popular demand for a law enforcing Sunday observance. Liberty of conscience, which has cost so great a sacrifice, will no longer be respected. In the soon-coming conflict we shall see exemplified the prophet’s words: “The dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” Revelation 12:17. GC 589.2 – GC 592.3

The panic-neglect cycle is the habit of underinvesting or paying inadequate attention to the public health infrastructure and functions needed to prevent, identify, contain and respond to infectious disease outbreaks.

A new ‘Age of Pandemics’ looms.Spreading Gospel Pandemic. Let’s invest in proper prevention, Detect It Quickly, Quarantine It Quickly, Eliminate It Quickly,Parliament of Religions, Amalgamation

Another pandemic seems inevitable. We “live in an age of pandemics,” said Dr. Larry Brilliant, an epidemiologist and CEO of Pandefense Advisory, an interdisciplinary network of experts engaged in pandemic response.

What the 1918 flu pandemic can teach us about coronavirus

“The investment in basic and clinical biomedical research allowed us to, with unprecedented speed, develop highly effective vaccines that essentially, (we never would) have imagined you could have done it that quickly,” he added. “We need to keep making those investments, not only in science … but in the public health infrastructure.” We must also remember “what it means to have a public health system that was not able to respond in a manner that was matching to the challenge that we’re facing,” he said.

JEZEBEL TABLE ELIJAH CAPTURE: And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.Daniel:8:25 After two days was the feast of the passover, and of unleavened bread: and the chief priests and the scribes sought how they might take him by craft, and put him to death.Mark:14:1

“What we don’t want is to have our children, and perhaps our grandchildren, forget what we’ve been through.”

Whether we’re going to apply lessons from the current pandemic remains to be seen, Frieden said, but doing so is key to ending that cycle, so that outbreaks don’t become pandemics with countless consequences — including millions of lives lost and drastic effects on health care, mental health, the economy, education, relationships and careers.

Here’s what some of the top infectious disease experts think both can do to help:

1. Increase public health funding

The US spends at least “about 300 and 500 times more on our military defense than we do on our health defense,” Frieden said. “And yet, no war in American history has killed a million Americans.”

And said unto them, What will ye give me, and I will deliver him unto you? And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver.Matthew:26:15 Therefore said I, Look away from me; I will weep bitterly, labour not to comfort me, because of the spoiling of the daughter of my people. For it is a day of trouble, and of treading down, and of perplexity by the Lord GOD of hosts in the valley of vision, breaking down the walls, and of crying to the mountains. And it shall come to pass, that thy choicest valleys shall be full of chariots, and the horsemen shall set themselves in array at the gate.
Isaiah:22:4-5,7And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.

As of June 1, nearly 6.3 million people have died from Covid-19 worldwide, including more than 1,007,000 Americans.

“So we really do need to up our game in terms of protecting people in this country and around the world,” said Frieden, who is also CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, an independent organization focused on preventing epidemics and cardiovascular disease. “You can’t make a safer US without making a safer world.”

State-provided boxes of iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test kits sit ready for parents to pick up at Tulita Elementary School in Redondo Beach, California, on January 6.

State-provided boxes of iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test kits sit ready for parents to pick up at Tulita Elementary School in Redondo Beach, California, on January 6.

“Because of that, oftentimes a lot of the research dollars and a lot of the research mental capacity goes to the side of treatments,” Corbett added. “We want to be able to really shift that way of thinking.”

More funding is also needed for staples such as having enough testing when the time comes, Brilliant said, “so that we won’t get behind the eight ball like we were” with Covid-19.

More investment in global health is needed, too. The World Health Organization’s budget is lower than those of some large US cities, Brilliant said, “and they’ve got to take care of pandemic risk for 200 countries and all the other things WHO does.”

“We have to think about pandemic preparedness as really strengthening the public health system worldwide,” he added. “Right now, it’s not clear that Congress is going to appropriate the amount of money that makes sense. Because for 80% of the country, they feel like — and legitimately feel — that their (Covid-19) risk has passed.”

. It is enough at present to say that the nobles and great commoners of Rome rapidly found themselves in possession of revenues which their fathers could not have imagined in their dreams; and money, in the stage of progress at which Rome had arrived, was convertible into power.” 5
This is a good description of the territory of Rome’s expansion, and what she did with it, when once it fell into her possession. The next question that calls for solution is, How did Rome get started in her “expansion policy”? The answer is short, simple, and, with the sound of recently uttered phrases still ringing in our ears, perhaps familiar: the expansion of Rome, which also means the imperialism of Rome, began in a “war for humanity, in the cause of humanity, solely for humanity.” This is the story.
When the second Punic war came to an end, with such a disastrous issue for the Carthaginians, and such a favorable outcome for the Romans, the latter determined immediately to crush the power of Philip, king of Macedon. True, peace had been concluded with him two or three years before, “yet the grounds of a new quarrel were soon discovered .” He was accused of having attacked the Athenians and some of the other friends of Rome. At this time the southern part of Greece was divided into a number of small republics, all of which paid more or less tribute to Philip of Macedon. Rome was a republic, a great and a strong republic, and she considered it her duty to assist these poor, little, weak, struggling republics against the tyranny of the king of Macedonia. “The war was undertaken by the Romans chiefly, as was pretended , on their the small republics of Greece account.” 6 It was “under pretext of an invitation from the Athenians to protect them from the king of Macedon that the ambitious republic secured a foothold in Greece.” 7 To all appearances this was a piece of disinterestedness not common among nations; but it was only “to all appearances. ” “The barbarous tribes on the north and west of Macedonia were also led, by the temptation of plunder, to join the confederacy; and their irruptions served to distract the councils and the forces of Philip.” 8
The parallel or analogy between that war “solely for humanity” and the one through which the United States has just passed, is quite complete. The little republics of Southern Greece stood related to Philip of Macedon much the same as Cuba, Porto Rico, and other places stood related to Spain at the time when this nation, “solely in the cause of humanity,” declared war in their behalf. And, moreover, it may not be out of the way to compare “the barbarous tribes on the north and west of Macedonia,” who were led to join the confederacy, and whose irruptions served to distract the councils and forces of Philip,-it may not be out of the way to compare-these to Aguinaldo and his “barbarous” hordes of Negritos, who, by a United States consul and a commodore of the United States navy, were led to “join the confederacy,” and whose “irruptions served to distract the councils and forces of Spain.”
At the battle of Cynocephale, in 197 b. c., Philip was signally defeated, his country was exposed to invasion, “and he was reduced to accept peace on such terms as the Romans thought proper to dictate.” PRUS 142.3 – PRUS 145.1

2. Protect nature

Pandemic prevention also means “we need better systems to protect nature so that nature doesn’t come back to bite us,” Frieden said.

Being around stressed, sick animals or eating them exposes humans to a greater chance of catching a virus, Dr. Christine Kreuder Johnson, a professor of medicine and epidemiology at the University California, Davis, told CNN in 2020. The possibility of virus spillover is also higher between humans and animal species that have similar DNA or have lived together over time, such as pigs or livestock.

Why protecting the planet is essential to preventing future pandemics

Thinking about environmental health as part of our health is critical for reducing virus spillover, Johnson said.

Everyone doing their part to slow climate change is essential, Brilliant said. “Because of increasing temperatures, animals are migrating from the south to the north,” he said. “When animals migrate and they change their territory, they come in contact with other animals that they’ve never been in contact with before. And they exchange viruses, just as they exchange viruses with us.”

Wherefore are we counted as beasts, and reputed vile in your sight?Job:18:3

3. Act early and quickly

Infectious disease experts detecting outbreaks of a new disease early and addressing them quickly while they’re small is key to preventing a larger emergency.

But the Jews which believed not, moved with envy, took unto them certain lewd fellows of the baser sort, and gathered a company, and set all the city on an uproar, and assaulted the house of Jason, and sought to bring them out to the people. And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brethren unto the rulers of the city, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also; Whom Jason hath received: and these all do contrary to the decrees of Caesar, saying that there is another king, one Jesus. And they troubled the people and the rulers of the city, when they heard these things.

My group, Resolve to Save Lives, has suggested a global galvanizing goal we call 7-1-7: that every single outbreak anywhere in the world is detected within seven days of emergence, reported within one day and control measures implemented within seven days,” Frieden said. This approach “allows us to quickly identify things that need to be fixed.”

4. Improve public health communication

The work of the people of God is to prepare for the events of the future, which will soon come upon them with blinding force. In the world gigantic monopolies will be formed. Men will bind themselves together in unions that will wrap them in the folds of the enemy. A few men will combine to grasp all the means to be obtained in certain lines of business. Trades unions will be formed, and those who refuse to join these unions will be marked men.—Letter 26, 1903. CL 10.3_Then from that day forth they took counsel together for to put him to death.

We have better tools to address infectious diseases than we’ve ever had, but we’re also more vulnerable than we’ve ever been, partly because of a widespread lack of trust between communities, governments and health care systems, Frieden said.

“The CDC literally wrote the book on public health communication in an emergency: Be first, be right, be credible, be empathetic, give people practical, proven things to do to protect themselves, their families (and) their communities,” Frieden said. “Unfortunately, that hasn’t been implemented (in the US), either by the prior administration or by this one. And we have suffered for that.”

After these things did king Ahasuerus promote Haman the son of Hammedatha the Agagite, and advanced him, and set his seat above all the princes that were with him. And all the king’s servants, that were in the king’s gate, bowed, and reverenced Haman: for the king had so commanded concerning him. But Mordecai bowed not, nor did him reverence.Esther:3:1-2

Immediately after the accession of Philip, the terrible edict of 1550 was re-enacted. From this notable document an idea of Spain’s methods of governing her colonies may be gathered:—
“No one shall print, write, copy, keep, conceal, sell, buy, or give in churches, streets, or other places, any book or writing made by Martin Luther, John Ecolampadius, Ulrich Zwinglius, Martin Bucer, John Calvin, or other heretics reprobated by the holy church; … nor break, or otherwise injure the images of the Holy Virgin or canonized saints; … nor in his house hold conventicles, or illegal gatherings, or be present at any such in which the adherents of the above-mentioned heretics teach, baptize, and form conspiracies against the holy church and the general welfare…. Moreover, we forbid all persons to converse or dispute concerning the Holy Scriptures, openly or secretly, especially on any doubtful or difficult matters, or to read, teach, or expound the Scriptures unless they have duly studied theology, and been approved by some renowned university; … or to preach secretly, or openly, or to entertain any of the opinions of the above-mentioned heretics; … on pain, should any be found to have contravened any of the points above mentioned, as perturbers of the state and of the general quiet, to be punished in the following manner: that such perturbators of the general quiet are to be executed; to wit, the men with the sword, and the women to be buried alive, if they do not persist in their errors; if they do persist in them, then they are to be executed with fire; all their property in both cases to be confiscated to the crown.”
“Thus, the clemency of the sovereign permitted the repentant heretic to be beheaded or buried alive, instead of being burned.”
All who in any way helped the heretic were in danger of, and liable to, the same punishment; for said the decree:—
“We forbid all persons to lodge, entertain, furnish with food, fire, or clothing, or otherwise to favor any one holden or notoriously suspected of being a heretic; … and any one failing to denounce any such, we ordain shall be liable to the above-mentioned punishments.” The edict went on to provide “that if any person, being not convicted of heresy or error, but greatly suspected thereof, and therefore condemned by the spiritual judge to abjure such heresy, or by the secular magistrate to make public fine or reparation, shall again become suspected or tainted with heresy- although it should not appear that he has contravened or violated any one of our abovementioned commands -nevertheless we do will and ordain that such person shall be considered as relapsed, and, as such, be punished with loss of life and property, without any hope of moderation or mitigation of the above-mentioned penalties.” PRUS 63.2 – PRUS 64.3

CDC director turns to media consultant as Covid-19 messaging frustrations mount

“You cannot surge trust in an emergency,” Frieden added. “You have to have it there as baseline.”

Communication about the pandemic has “been challenging,” said Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, at Life Itself. “We’ve been divided against a common foe, which has been this pandemic virus.”

“We have had to make decisions with imperfect data and imperfect times, but if we didn’t make a decision at that time, that would have been a decision itself,” she added. “We need to follow and understand the best science that we have at the time the decision is being made.”

Walensky plans to spend much of her time working on ways to make public awareness part of pandemic surveillance, she said.

“You have to be consistent, always stick with the facts and the evidence and the data. That was one of the issues that obviously arose when I was part of the Coronavirus taskforce in the prior administration,” Fauci said.

5. Fight misinformation

There’s a saying that a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth has even put on its boots. “It’s been very challenging for health, for doctors and others to deal with viral misinformation, which spreads even faster than Omicron,” Frieden said.

Pandemic misinformation can influence people’s motivations, beliefs and decision-making concerning their health, politics, the environment and more.

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.

Some social media apps, such as Instagram and TikTok, have launched features that lead people to accurate information from credible health organizations when viewing content concerning the coronavirus or vaccines.

Confronting loved ones about their misleading or false social media posts isn’t easy, but there are ways to do it skillfully with empathy.

6. Support your own health

Individual resilience is another key factor in preventing serious illness and deaths during pandemics, Frieden said.

“One of the reasons Covid has killed so many people is there were so many people who were vulnerable to health problems,” Frieden said.

Healthy lifestyle habits that support immunity can “make a really big difference,” he said. Take any medications you have been prescribed, find healthy food you love and don’t smoke or be exposed to others’ smoke, Frieden recommended.

“Getting healthy doesn’t mean denying ourselves things we want to do,” Frieden said, “but rather figuring out what are healthy things we love to do and doing more of them.”Correction: This story previously misstated the current structure of the organization Resolve to Save Lives.

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