1.It came to power from among the ten divisions of Europe—the ten horns (Daniel 7:8).

2.It came to power after A.D. 476, because the “little horn” succeeded pagan Rome, which fell in that year (Daniel 7:7, 8).

3.It began as “a little horn”—a little power at its beginning (Daniel 7:8).

4.It uprooted three horns—the Heruli, the Vandals, and the Ostrogoths (Daniel 7:8, 24).

5.It has a man at its head (Daniel 7:8; see also 2 Thessalonians 2:3).

6.It is “different” from the others. They were “state” powers, and the little horn was a “church-state” combination (Daniel 7:24).

7.The little horn would speak great words and blasphemy (Daniel 7:8, 25). The definition of blasphemy from the Bible is to claim to be God and/or to claim to be able to forgive sin. (See Matthew 9:2–6; John 10:30–33.)

8.The little horn would wear out and kill many of God’s children. During its 1,260-year reign, the papal persecutions brought the death of millions (Daniel 7:25).

9.The little horn antichrist would think to change times and law (Daniel 7:25). The Catholic Church notes the changes it made to God’s law in its catechism. It removed the second commandment that forbids idolatry, changed the fourth commandment requiring worship on the seventh day of the week, and finally, divided the tenth commandment in two to retain a full ten commandments.

10.The little horn power would rule for “a time and times and the dividing of time”—elsewhere presented in the Bible as 1,260 days or forty-two months of prophetic time. Since a day is equal to a year in Bible prophecy, this power was to rule for 1,260 years. God foretold that it would reign supreme and persecute God’s obedient children for 1,260 years.

Author: Adventist Angels Watchman Radio

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