Pope Francis’ words against the religious justification for war, (Stop Preaching Prophecy, “Use Fratelli Tutti”, Who Gave You The Authority!) Follow Me Snare

It is a snare to the man who devoureth that which is holy, and after vows to make enquiry.Proverbs:20:25 As Christ was the invisible leader of His people from Egyptian bondage, so was Satan the unseen leader of his subjects in this horrible work of multiplying martyrs. For seven days the massacre was continued in Paris, the first three with inconceivable fury. And it was not confined to the city itself, but by special order of the king was extended to all the provinces and towns where Protestants were found. Neither age nor sex was respected. Neither the innocent babe nor the man of gray hairs was spared. Noble and peasant, old and young, mother and child, were cut down together. Throughout France the butchery continued for two months. Seventy thousand of the very flower of the nation perished.
“When the news of the massacre reached Rome, the exultation among the clergy knew no bounds. The cardinal of Lorraine rewarded the messenger with a thousand crowns; the cannon of St. Angelo thundered forth a joyous salute; and bells rang out from every steeple; bonfires turned night into day; and Gregory XIII, attended by the cardinals and other ecclesiastical dignitaries, went in long procession to the church of St. Louis, where the cardinal of Lorraine chanted a Te Deum …. A medal was struck to commemorate the massacre, and in the Vatican may still be seen three frescoes of Vasari, describing the attack upon the admiral, the king in council plotting the massacre, and the massacre itself. Gregory sent Charles the Golden Rose; and four months after the massacre, … he listened complacently to the sermon of a French priest, … who spoke of ‘that day so full of happiness and joy, when the most holy father received the news, and went in solemn state to render thanks to God and St. Louis.'”—Henry White, The Massacre of St. Bartholomew, ch. 14, par. 34.
The same master spirit that urged on the St. Bartholomew Massacre led also in the scenes of the Revolution. Jesus Christ was declared to be an impostor, and the rallying cry of the French infidels was, “Crush the Wretch,” meaning Christ. Heaven-daring blasphemy and abominable wickedness went hand in hand, and the basest of men, the most abandoned monsters of cruelty and vice, were most highly exalted. In all this, supreme homage was paid to Satan; while Christ, in His characteristics of truth, purity, and unselfish love, was crucified.
“The beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.” The atheistical power that ruled in France during the Revolution and the Reign of Terror, did wage such a war against God and His holy word as the world had never witnessed. The worship of the Deity was abolished by the National Assembly. Bibles were collected and publicly burned with every possible manifestation of scorn. The law of God was trampled underfoot. The institutions of the Bible were abolished. The weekly rest day was set aside, and in its stead every tenth day was devoted to reveling and blasphemy. Baptism and the Communion were prohibited. And announcements posted conspicuously over the burial places declared death to be an eternal sleep.
The fear of God was said to be so far from the beginning of wisdom that it was the beginning of folly. All religious worship was prohibited, except that of liberty and the country. The “constitutional bishop of Paris was brought forward to play the principal part in the most impudent and scandalous farce ever acted in the face of a national representation…. He was brought forward in full procession, to declare to the Convention that the religion which he had taught so many years was, in every respect, a piece of priestcraft, which had no foundation either in history or sacred truth. He disowned, in solemn and explicit terms, the existence of the Deity to whose worship he had been consecrated, and devoted himself in future to the homage of liberty, equality, virtue, and morality. He then laid on the table his episcopal decorations, and received a fraternal embrace from the president of the Convention. Several apostate priests followed the example of this prelate.”—Scott, vol. 1, ch. 17. GC 272.2 – GC 274.1

United Nations Coronation of Chaplain Pope Francis The “Prince of Peace” “The WORD” “Saviour, Guardian Angel” Sends Moses in Burning Bush Command ” Sun-day Sabbath” https://adventistangelswatchmanradio.com/2022/03/14/united-nations-coronation-of-pope-francis-the-prince-of-peace-the-word-saviour-guardian-angel-sends-moses-in-burning-bush-command-sun-day-sabbath/

The Pope’s message is an appeal to stop “the unacceptable armed aggression” against Ukraine as he reminds us that those who support violence profane the name of God.

By Andrea Tornielli

“In the name of God, I ask you: stop this massacre!” Pope Francis cried out during his Angelus on Sunday, 13 March, the day of the ninth anniversary of his election as Bishop of Rome. During his appeal, the Pope recalled the victims of Mariupol, as well as the “barbarity of the killing of children, innocents and unarmed civilians”. He also asked for an end to what he unequivocally called “an unacceptable armed aggression” before it “reduces cities to cemeteries” and he expressed his gratitude for the welcome given to the many refugees before, finally, asking everyone to increase moments of prayer for peace.

United Nations Coronation of Pope Francis The “Prince of Peace” “The WORD” “Saviour, Guardian Angel” Sends Moses in Burning Bush Command ” Sun-day Sabbath” https://adventistangelswatchmanradio.com/2022/03/14/united-nations-coronation-of-pope-francis-the-prince-of-peace-the-word-saviour-guardian-angel-sends-moses-in-burning-bush-command-sun-day-sabbath/

In the final part of his message, Francis was clear and firm on the distorted use of religion to justify the ongoing massacres: “God is only the God of peace, he is not the God of war and those who support violence profane his name”. These are the same expressions that have been used many times in recent years by the Pontiff and his predecessors, St John Paul II and Benedict XVI, to warn against the instrumental use of God’s name to justify hatred, violence and terrorism.

This time, however, those being addressed in the papally t tree appeal are not jihadist fundamentalists, but anyone who thinks there may be a religious “cover” – a religious explanation to offer believers – for the war in Ukraine in which Christians who share the “SAME BAPTISM” are falling under the BOMBS.


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