Power of a Confederacy, Putin could LOSE his Ukraine war: Russian forces are ‘decimated’ says top UK general as invaders resort to shelling evacuating civilians and killing fleeing families

 Vladimir Putin ‘s ‘decimated’ forces could lose the war in Ukraine, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin has said 

Prodigal America, War for Humanity Solely for Humanity, History Repeat! Russia verse USA(NATO), American Imperialism National Apostasy Revelation 13: 11-17 https://adventistangelswatchmanradio.com/2022/03/06/prodigal-america-war-for-humanity-solely-for-humanity-history-repeat-russia-verse-usanato-american-imperialism-national-apostasy-revelation-13-11-17/

By Mark Nicol and Harriet Line For The Daily Mail and Kaya Terry and Jamie Phillips For Mailonline22:08 GMT 06 Mar 2022 , updated 02:53 GMT 07 Mar 2022



 Vladimir Putin ‘s ‘decimated’ forces could lose the war in Ukraine, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin has said 

His comments represent the most optimistic assessment yet of how the current conflict may end  

Heavy gunfire and missiles are being shot at Ukrainian civilians in the city of Irpin in northern Ukraine

City came under attack amid catastrophic invasion that has reduced cities across the country to rubble 

Comes as ceasefire to allow evacuation of Mariupol is scuppered after just minutes due to shelling 

First ceasefire on Saturday lasted just 45 minutes before routes were bombed – leaving refugees stranded

Follow all the latest updates on the Ukraine war on MailOnline’s live blog here 

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