Apple Spreads Confusion with the Release of its New “Pregnant Man” Emoji

A war has been declared against normalcy, reality, biology, morality, and sanity. Our society is currently in a state of confusion. Everyone and everything that stands in the way of militant homosexual/transgender ideology has become the new targets of a revolutionary war. To promote the LGBT+ ideology, Apple, the powerful and influential technology company, has created a new “pregnant man” and “pregnant person” emoji.

All of this chaos and confusion will continue to be pushed by a dangerous propaganda campaign that will cause untold harm to millions of young children. It promotes the notion that men can become pregnant and give birth to children. However, no amount of drugs or cosmetic surgery will be able to change a man’s chromosomes and turn him into a woman capable of menstruating, ovulating, or having children. Similarly, you can’t turn a woman into a man capable of producing the sperm that is needed to fertilize an egg or ovum, which is required to produce a human child.

It is impossible for a biological man to get pregnant, and it is impossible for a biological woman to be the biological father of a child. That is not biological science; it is fantasy. This is being promoted by activists, not true scientists. Only a woman PRETENDING to be a man can get pregnant, and vice versa. This agenda is not helping people; instead, it is only causing harm and spreading confusion. No wonder this generation is in such trouble. But when did these activists start caring about the damage they are causing to individuals and society? #sda #adventist #adventista

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Author: Adventist Angels Watchman Radio

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