Our Sabbath School Lessons are being Prepared by Jesuit-trained Leaders

As first reported in Pastor Bill Hughes’s February 2022 newsletter, the Book of Hebrews is the focus of the new Adult Sabbath School Lesson for the first quarter of 2022. The author of this quarter’s Sabbath School Lesson is Dr. Felix Cortez-Valles. He is an Associate Professor of New Testament Literature at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan. On page one of the current Sabbath School Lesson, Felix Cortez is identified as the “principal contributor” for the January through March 2022 edition.

What is most concerning is that Felix Cortez is also a graduate of the Universidad Iberoamericana, according to Andrews University. Universidad Iberoamericana is a Jesuit university located in Mexico City, Mexico. It was founded in 1943 by the Jesuit Order to advance “Ignatian spirituality” and “Ignatian discernment.” This is a reference to the identity and mission of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder, Jesuit General, and saint of the Jesuit Order.

According to Andrews University, Felix Cortez “completed a Masters degree in Modern Literature at Universidad Iberoamericana (México, 2001), with an emphasis in Literary Theory and Hermeneutics.” He graduated from this Jesuit institution 6 years after being ordained as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor in 1996 with a masters in hermeneutics? This is the study of the science and principles of biblical interpretation. Felix Cortez learned from the Jesuits how to study and interpret the Bible and is now preparing the Sabbath School lessons for the Seventh-day Adventist world church to study on Sabbath mornings.

It gets even worse. According to Andrews University, not only did Felix Cortez graduate from a Jesuit university, he was also president of the Adventist Theological Society from 2014-2016 while at the same time serving as the “chair” for the “Catholic and Pastoral Epistles Section of the International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature from 2010–2016.” How can you be the head of an important Adventist society and the head of an important Interfaith society at the same time? The Society of Biblical Literature hosts regional meetings of scholars in collaboration/affiliation with the American Academy of Religion (AAR), the Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars, the Catholic Biblical Association (CBA) and the American Society of Overseas Research (ASOR).

Perhaps this explains the current crisis in Adventism. Perhaps there are too many Jesuits spreading their views not only to new pastors in the seminary but also to the entire world church. If we don’t recognize this problem and put an end to hiring Jesuit-trained leaders, how can we ever call people out of Babylon if our church leaders are going to Babylon to subject themselves to their Jesuit masters? This Rome-ward trend is harming our evangelistic efforts and mission by neutralizing The Great Controversy message. #sda #adventist #adventista

Click to read the full story: http://adventmessenger.org/our-sabbath-school-lessons-are-being-prepared-by-jesuit-trained-leaders/

Author: Adventist Angels Watchman Radio

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