Roman Catholic Priests are Preaching, Lighting Candles, and bringing their Catholic Liturgy into Our Adventist Churches

Two Roman Catholic priests, Sergio Biancofiore and Alfredo Gabrielli, celebrated the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Bari, Italy, on Saturday, January 22, 2022. Valerio Bernardi, the local pastor of the Church of Christ, was also there. Santa Abiusi, the female head elder of the Adventist Church in Bari, Italy, served as the officiating elder for this ecumenical event. Santa Abiusi not only serves in the local church in Bari, but she also works for the Italian Union of Seventh-day Adventists in the Women’s Ministry Department.

The Bari Seventh-day Adventist Church published a video of the ecumenical service, titled “Guided by the One Lord.” Santa Abiusi, a representative of the Italian Union of Adventist Churches, explained in the video that the candle lights represent all churches that follow Christ. These candles symbolize the visible unity that is being created among the many churches. Tragically, the modern ecumenical movement is all about participating in Catholic liturgies and sacraments that are designed to bind us with Rome, not about accepting the word of God, experiencing repentance, or promoting conversion or holiness.

How scandalous to have candle-lighting, non-doctrinal worship and prayer services led by Roman Catholic priests inside our churches. By hosting these events and by pushing their agenda, we are actually doing Rome a big favor. It defies all biblical reason and logic whenever we start bowing and making offerings to the representatives of Pope Francis in our houses of worship. Why do we honor them? Why do we praise them? Well, it’s what Rome demands and expects from all the churches. They want us all on our knees pledging loyalty to their false dreams and delusions of a world-wide universal fraternity with Pope Francis as its head.

It is time for Seventh-day Adventists to engage in some serious soul-searching. It might do us well. I believe that Warren Hick from Australia summed it up best when he wrote to me this week and said: “I wonder if the Seventh-day Adventist Church administration will ever come to the realization that if you go to bed with the enemy, you also come out of that bed with a deeply stained character. If you choose to play with fire, you will get burnt. May God have mercy on all of us.”

Click to watch the video and to read the full story:

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