Is Pope Francis Attempting to Influence the US Supreme Court by Urging “All States” to Vaccinate their Citizens?

Is Pope Francis Attempting to Influence the US Supreme Court by Urging “All States” to Vaccinate their Citizens?

The Joe Biden administration’s vaccine mandate went into effect yesterday. Private companies with over 100 employees must require their workers to either get vaccinated, submit to weekly testing, or face heavy fines. About 80 million workers will be affected. The US Supreme Court on Friday heard challenges opposing the vaccine mandates. However, no decision has yet been made.

That didn’t stop Pope Francis from joining in on the debate. On the same day that Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate came into force, Pope Francis spoke to the 183 ambassadors from across the world who have diplomatic ties with the Vatican. During the meeting, he urged foreign leaders to vaccinate their citizens. The Pope called for an “international instrument” to force vaccines on the entire planet.

Everything Rome does is calculated. It’s no coincidence that these comments were said at a time when our country is facing one of its most crucial decisions. And, while this vaccine showdown is currently taking place in the United States, the Pope has just “urged” all nations to essentially mandate vaccinations. This Pope has gone well beyond the confines of the gospel and has become, in my opinion, a political figure attempting to influence the outcome of the United States Supreme Court. We will face worldwide tyranny like never before if the “Catholic” Supreme Court heeds his call. #sda #adventist #adventista

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