Repetition of The Events of 1899, The Papacy Dominion and Inoculation Mandates

Repetition of The Events of 1899, The Papacy Dominion and Inoculation Mandates

The satisfactory conclusion of the NEGOTIATIONS between Germany and France for the establishment of telephonic communication between Paris and Berlin, is regarded as an event of considerable POLITICAL as well as COMMERCIAL IMPORTANCE. For those two cities to be on speaking terms is significant beyond the fact that they are nearly eight hundred miles apart.

Commenting on the Pope’s EXHORTATION to the CATHOLICS of Brazil, both PRIESTS and LAYMEN, to make their INFLUENCE FELT IN POLITICS, the Catholic Times says that his words “should be taken to heart by Catholics not merely in Brazil, but throughout the world,” and adds these significant words: “The future for us will be what we shall make it. If we act with PUBLIC SPIRIT, and in a BROADMINDED WAY, our RIGHT to UTTER a DOMINANT NOTE will be ADMITTED.” DOMINATION IS WHAT THE Papacy is SEEKING in EVERY LAND. It would not be the Papacy if it were otherwise.

There is nothing like war, or something or somebody that is suggestive of war, to stir up the people of these “CHRISTIAN NATIONS,” in “this enlightened age” to the wildest pitch of enthusiasm. Just now the city of New York and a good share of the United States is in a delirium of excitement over a man whose sole act by which he has acquired fame is that under cover of darkness he stole into a harbour with his war ships, and at his leisure shot to pieces and sunk a lot of ships that were at anchor, and incapable of resistance. Still “‘twas a famous victory.” It is fast getting to be the case that if a man has only, with all “the pomp and circumstance of war” destroyed a lot of lives and property, he is regarded as a hero.

At the recent Health Congress at Blackpool, a paper was read by Dr. Adler, Chief Rabbi of London, on the antiquity of sanitation, reference of course being made to the regulations found in the books of Moses. Those rules were given by the Lord Himself, and, when followed, produced the healthiest people that ever lived. Let it be noted, however, that inoculation was not included in the list of preventives of disease. Perfect cleanliness within as well as without the body, is the sum of the whole matter. Clean food, pure water, fresh air, plenty of sunlight, regular, muscular exercise, and a clean conscience, will ward off any plague known. It may be said that vaccination and inoculation have saved many lives. No doubt they have served a purpose, and will yet do so among people who find that course easier than keeping themselves thoroughly clean; but to fill one’s body with death, as a means of warding off death, is unscriptural and unscientific.

A prominent religious journal finds fault with the Speaker’s Commentary for the following note found in it:-

Untruth has been held by all moralists to be justifiable towards a public enemy. Where we have a right to kill, much more have we a right to deceive by stratagem.

Why not? If men may set aside the sixth commandment, may he not also ignore the eighth? As a matter of fact, it would be absolutely impossible for any military operations to be “successful” if the leaders adhered strictly to the truth. Lying is inseparably connected with killing. The error of the commentary lies in the assumption that it is right to kill. As a general thing, the code of “moralists” is entirely different from that of the Bible. Too much of the “morality” of this age consists in the justification of one evil because of the existence of another.

A case of what the Daily Chronicle aptly calls “tragic justice” has just occurred at Eastbourne. A doctor mixed some medicine for a patient, who, after taking a portion of it in water, complained that it made her ill, and stated that she believed it had poisoned her. The doctor was nettled at the suggestion, and to convince the patient that the medicine was harmless, he took a large dose himself, with the result that he could scarcely reach home, and died shortly afterwards. The medicine, on analysis, was found to contain a large quantity of strychnine. If nobody would ever take any medicine until the doctor had first given it a thorough trial on himself, there would be much less taken, and the death rate would be materially diminished. The Present Truth, vol. 15 October 5, 1899, page 640 paragraph 4


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