Navy SEALs Receive Massive Victory in America’s Fight Against Tyrannical Vaccine Mandates!

God’s dealing with nations is same as to sons of men. God has implanted Liberty in the Bossom of man which is unalienable right that can’t be taken away. It’s God only who when the cup of iniquity commands nations and peoples to otherwise. When a nation or people take power in own hands like Nebuchadnezzar, Like Saul, Jesus Christ is about to speak from heaven, MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN 🇺🇲🗺️. Satan has come down shaking every landmarks of our Forefathers and casting away every principle of goodness.

The recent victory of the Navy Seals shows how hard it was for the victory to be secured. We have come to a time people love themselves so much that they want to stay themselves alone in the earth and do away others from the earth.

Knowing the time that it an hour of waking up from sleep, the enemy of righteousness has returned again. Ere long we ask our Forefathers the secret of ancient schisms encountered between the principles of Europe and Rome verse that if the United States of America which was implanted in American Constitution. The USA Constitution recognizes freedom of conscience from scriptures you should not follow a multitude to do evil… It also recognizes seeking consent from the government and knowing powers are received from governed and the governed are bosses of those in leadership hence should be consulted in touching matters.

Navy SEALs Receive Massive Victory in America’s Fight Against Tyrannical Vaccine Mandates! via @realmattcouch

Author: Adventist Angels Watchman Radio

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