Sounding the Trumpet and Warning Adventists Against the Ecumenical Tsunami

Sounding the Trumpet and Warning Adventists Against the Ecumenical Tsunami

By Warren Hick

I hear huge alarm bells ringing. How long before God holds the Seventh Day Adventist Church accountable? It is impossible to culturally meet with other churches in this manner without being contaminated. No doubt, the devil is rubbing his hands in satisfaction. I am convinced that Satan has, in many cases, and by this means, turned Adventist eyes away from Christ Jesus, and by so doing, we have lost sight of the apostasy clawing its way into our ranks.

My question is, “Will this be the catalyst causing the shaking within the Seventh Day Adventist Church?” Again, I put the question out there, “Is it time for us to consider the reality that Jesuits have infiltrated the Seventh Day Adventist Church?” The only thought that comes to mind is that God alone knows! How can the Adventist Church remain absolutely true to God when they keep on prostituting themselves to the Papacy? If we play with fire often enough, we become complacent and careless, and the inevitable occurs: we get burnt.

It appears to me that Spiritual Israel is following in the footsteps of historical Israel, and she is dabbling in rife apostasy. Never in all of human history have good apples made bad apples good. Always, and I mean always, bad apples make good apples bad. Period. If the Seventh Day Adventist Church, from the top down, does not put an end to this spiritual ecumenical madness, many of our people are going to be lost for eternity.

“When the day comes when the law of God is made void, and the church is sifted by the fiery trials that are to try all that live upon the earth, a great proportion of those who are supposed to be genuine will give heed to seducing spirits, and will turn traitors and betray sacred trusts. They will prove our very worst persecutors” (Bible Commentaries, Vol. 6, p. 1065). #sda #adventist #adventista

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