Greta Thunberg blasts portrayal of Joe Biden as “Climate Leader”

We have so long anticipated over the years for the United States to speak by rallying the world to follow the dictates of the first beast, The Papacy.

Current events portrays a unanimity of nations acting on a shortsighted policies of Rome as prophecy dictates. The scenario of Greta Thunberg blasting Joe Biden seems a laughter because some years past, it was never seen in America where freedom of conscience and speech has long been advocated to be trampled underfoot by men. The History of Rome and it’s principles now accepted in the USA are eloading human rights.

Pope Francis now seems as an “angel of Light guiding the world to a better future”. How sarcastic it appears for trying to protect Nature, Economy and World leadership and morality while at the same pace we have seen in recent news in skyrocketing child abuse and terrible immoral standards among the leading men if the Catholic church. Which path has humanity taken as it’s Saviour? Will men at once look upon the Creator of the Universe?

Author: Adventist Angels Watchman Radio

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