Even Though Laudato Si’ ‘Fell Short’ in 2021, Catholics Look to COP27 in 2022 as the ‘Road from Which There is no Turning Back’

Even Though Laudato Si’ ‘Fell Short’ in 2021, Catholics Look to COP27 in 2022 as the ‘Road from Which There is no Turning Back’

Important events, as seen through the lens of Bible prophecy, are taking place all around us. Pope Francis’ work on climate change was reviewed by the National Catholic Reporter for the year 2021. They highlighted the Pope’s Laudato Si’ Platform, his global call to care for our common home, as well as the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland (COP26).

But in spite of this massive effort to influence world leaders to adopt the principles of Laudato Si’, and even though the Vatican created in 2016 the Dicastery for Integral Human Development, an agency dedicated to implementing the Pope’s integral ecology, all these efforts “fell short of those goals, disappointing Catholic environmental and development advocates.”

Christine Allen, director of the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, the official aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, was a member of the Vatican delegation at COP26. She said: “Although promises and practical action fell short in the final agreement, ‘we are on the road from which there is no turning back.”

Chloe Noel is the coordinator of the Faith Economy Ecology Project at the Washington-based Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, a society of Roman Catholic missionaries. She warned: “We will continue, as the climate movement, as the faith community, to push the U.S. government to address loss and damage at COP27.”

Here we see the character and work of the first beast of Revelation 13. They will not quit, they will not slow down, and there is no “turning back” until they get what they want – Laudato Si’ enforced by law to combat what they call the greatest crisis facing humanity. They have expressed that in 2022 they will continue to call on governments, specifically the United States (the second beast of Revelation 13), to push for climate legislation. The entire world is wondering after the beast. The healing of the deadly wound is taking place right now. So, what’s next? The mark of the beast will be enforced shortly afterwards. #sda #adventist #adventista

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