The Image of the Beast and Adventism

The Image of the Beast and Adventism

By Warren Hick

The vaccination is not the mark of the beast, period. However, the way they are being mandated is a direct parallel with the mandated Sunday Laws that are coming. Adventists who have caved in to vaccine mandates are likely not going to stand against Sunday Law mandates because they have already established a precedent, and once the conscience has been allowed to be coerced, it makes it much easier to rationalize the next coercion event.

What needs to be pointed out to our political leaders, medical and scientific professionals, and media is that although they think they are in control, they are most definitely not. All of them are totally reliant on Almighty God for their very next breath. Furthermore, God is going to hold every one of them accountable for their lies, coercion, distortion of the facts, withholding of proven and successful treatments, and the loss of life and or adverse reactions suffered by people they have coerced to be vaccinated.

As an Australian, I always thought that my country would be one of the last countries on the planet to experience such draconian mandates and the trampling of the human conscience. Instead, we appear to be the test bed for every possible stripping away of personal freedoms and rights of conscience. I am convinced that what I am seeing unfold is a test run in preparation for a time of trouble such as never was, since there was a nation. #sda #adventist #adventista

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