Pope’s Common Good Conquering USA Personal Liberty, Laudato Si

This is a good description of the territory of Rome’s expansion, and what she did with it, when once it fell into her possession. The next ques -tion that calls for solution is, How did Rome get started in her “expan -sion policy”? The answer is short, simple, and, with the sound of recently uttered phrases still ringing in our ears, perhaps familiar: the expansion of Rome, which also means the imperialism of Rome, began in a “war for humanity, in the cause of humanity, solely for humanity.” This is the story.

Just what was this crafty, peaceful, destroying policy, and how his power became mighty, but not by his own power, has already [161] been set forth clearly from the history in this chapter. By the history I have shown that Rome, being a republic, a government of the people, made high pretensions to liberty and to the love of liberty, only for the sake of liberty; that for this reason Rome pretended to love and desire liberty for other people; that the little states of Greece were struggling against monarchies, that they might themselves be free and be republics. Solely from love of liberty for the sake only of liberty, and for the sake of humanity, Rome sent her armies and navies across seas to fight the battles, and win the causes of those other peoples, only to set them free from oppressive powers, to enjoy the blessings of liberty of which Rome was the conservator in the world. And then when the battles were fought, the victories won, and the peoples delivered, those peoples were not free . They were more bound, and more hopeless than ever before, because of Rome’s greater power than that of the former oppressors. And to-day no man can intel -ligently read that history of the republic of Rome before any audience in the United States without that audience seeing the republic of the United States perfectly outlined up to date.

Now a point particularly to be considered is that this history of the
republic of Rome was sketched in the book of Daniel three hundred and
forty years before it occurred; and then that sketch was closed up and
sealed, notfor three hundred and forty years, nottill 198 b. c. and onward;
butfor twenty-four hundred years, till “the time of the end.”

Why was that sketch of the Roman republic written, and then
closed up and sealed until a time two thousand years after that republic
had failed as a republic and become imperial?—It was because at this
time, “the time of the end,” there would be another republic that would
go over the same course as did that republic,—would apostatize from
republicanism into imperialism.

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