Temple Habitation of Christ verse of Devils, Bitter SDA Ev. King Osiemo

Temple Habitation of Christ verse of Devils, Bitter SDA Ev. King Osiemo

Unless we give the most earnest heed to the Word of God, human minds will work up theories according to their own deficient practices, and will misrepresent and misapply a “Thus saith the Lord.” A departure from the great principles Christ has laid down in His teachings, a working out [of] human projects, using the Scriptures to justify a wrong course of action, will confirm men in misunderstanding, and the truth that they need, to keep them from wrong practices, will leak out of the soul like water from a leaky vessel. Thus it is in our time.

A departure from right principles will blind the understanding as to what is truth. The holy law of ten commandments, written on tables of stone by the finger of God, and placed in the ark, is the standard of righteousness.

Before the obedient and the disobedient it will appear in the last great day, and all the wicked will be convicted. They will see that their actions proceeded from a depraved character. They will see that the part they acted served to carry on the rebellion begun in the heavenly courts. They will see all the cruelty and all the wickedness that have dishonored their Creator and brought about the wretchedness that fills the world.

The law that they disobeyed was their life. Obedience to it would have made their characters as fine gold, their principles as th e golden wedge of Ophir. The law that they chose to disregard and trample under foot would, if obeyed, have kept them in happiness and peace, and obedience would have borne fruit in sanctified love and beauty of character. The world would have been filled with holiness and purity….

Those who refuse the testimonies God has sent them are not eating the flesh and drinking the blood of the Son of God. The character developed tells its history to the end. Through the refusal to receive correct principles, and the corruption of human nature, Satan works by his sophistry to deceive if possible the very elect…. Unless man is given the converting grace of heaven, he will have no disposition to oppose Satan’s counsels, and will become the enemy’s willing dupe. Manuscript 5, January 20, 1904.

In the books the truth is stated, barricaded by a “Thus saith the Lord,” The Holy Spirit traced these truths upon my heart and mind as indelibly as the law was traced by the finger of God upon the tables of stone, which are now in the ark, to be brought forth in that great day when sentence is pronounced against every evil, seducing science produced by the father of lies….

Some may make light of these messages, misinterpret them, and say untruthful things, which lead others’ minds astray. Our only hope is in the God of truth. Our mediator understands every phase of the matter.

The more plainly the testing truth is brought before the people, the more bitter will be the hatred manifested by those who have departed from the faith, and given their attention to sentiments of Satan’s presentation. Letter 90, March 6, 1906. (see also 7ABC 375; CM 126; 3SM 122; TDG 74)

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