Four-day Work Week Includes Sunday Rest in a New Law on Family Diversity and Support

Four-day Work Week Includes Sunday Rest in a New Law on Family Diversity and Support

The four-day work week is a modern business model that is gaining a lot of popularity among workers across the world. The United Arab Emirates has just announced that it is reducing its work week. Here in the United States, the movement for a four-day work week is gaining popularity. And Valencia, a 5 million-strong autonomous community in Spain, has just passed a new “Valencian Law of Family Diversity and Support” that reduces the work week to 32 hours and defines Sunday as a day of rest.

The regulation applies to private businesses and is intended to limit Sunday shopping by allowing citizens to be free from commerce. Minister Monica Oltra of the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies proposed the Sunday rest idea as part of a draft law on “family diversity.” This law will promote “Sunday rest in the commercial sector, especially in large stores.”

This is a state government that has mandated Sunday rest in order to “reconcile” the family. Sunday rest is the ultimate goal of this new four-day work week. The Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si’, Section #237 , is being put into action, which calls for healing our “relationships with God, with ourselves, with others and with the world” on “Sunday.” Following two years of mandatory lockdowns due to the pandemic, a new economy focused around Sunday is growing. The four-day workweek has sparked growing interest around the world in recent months, and it will continue to do so until Sunday is declared the world’s national day of rest.

The world is crying out for a day of relaxation, a day to spend with family and friends, a day to take a break from the rigors of work. What day do you suppose that will be? There is little doubt that Sunday is being promoted in different places around the world. The different Protestant churches, the Roman Catholic Church, labor unions, secular governments, the secular media, and various special interest groups will publicly accept Sunday as the universal day of rest as a result of Laudato Si’. #sda #adventist #adventista

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