The Jesuits are Leading the Way in LGBT+ Indoctrination with their “Rainbow Buddies” Program

The Jesuits are Leading the Way in LGBT+ Indoctrination with their “Rainbow Buddies” Program

Santa Clara University in California is a Jesuit institution. Rainbow Buddies is a mentorship program at Santa Clara University (SCU) that pairs LGBT+ faculty and staff mentors with LGBT+ students to help them “develop” their “identities.” Through the Rainbow Buddies program, young students who may be questioning their identities will be able to discover new identities quickly, which would otherwise take “years to discover.” With special events hosted by the new “Rainbow Resource Center” at SCU and with SCU’s new LGBT+ mentors, students who are confused about their gender can learn how to overcome “negative stereotypes” about the LGBT+ community.

This is an epidemic that is affecting Christian schools and religious communities across denominational lines. And the Jesuits are leading the way. In the history of our world, there does not seem to have been a time when the radical LGBT+ agenda has demolished more families, more marriages and more churches than it does today. We are in a crisis so deep, so serious and so dangerous that the survival of humanity is at stake. When the spirituality of our families and marriages is destroyed, society as a whole begins to collapse.

The only solution during this unprecedented spiritual crisis is for the church to defend the faith and affirm what God says in His word. We need convictions and we must communicate those convictions to others. If we had a true love for God, we would not be living like the world. Our greatest weapon in this war is the truth. Biblical truth. And when the church is under attack we must have the truth and we must use it. God’s truth is directly opposed to the modern world. The truth must be affirmed and used to resist the lies and decadence that surrounds us. Our weaponry is to be a people of the truth, proclaiming the truth and practicing the truth. #sda #adventist #adventista

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