COP26: Adventism’s New Obsession to Join the Climate Change Movement

COP26: Adventism’s New Obsession to Join the Climate Change Movement

COP26: Adventism’s New Obsession to Join the Climate Change Movement

It is beyond belief that the Seventh-day Adventist Church does not believe in getting involved in the national debate on abortion or the LGBT+ agenda. No, we can’t get involved in the real moral problems of our time that are so widespread in the world today because we have lost our prophetic voice to defend the law of God in the public arena. So instead of shedding light to these and other grave errors, the church remains silent.

But the most incredible mystery we are witnessing today is that Seventh-day Adventists have absolutely no problem joining globalists at COP26 and engaging with the many climate change alarmists to defend their leftist political ideas. I just read an article by HopeMedia, the official media channel of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, that claims that “ADRA” (Adventist Development and Relief Agency), the humanitarian branch of the church, “will speak on climate resilience” during “the Climate Conference (COP26), underway in Glasgow, Scotland.”

The world has established a new gospel and a new morality at this very time of earth’s history, and it is called “climate justice.” Various religious and political groups are coming together during COP26 to “save” the world. The salvation being proposed today is not to save people from sin but to save the inhabitants of the earth from CO2 (carbon) gas emissions that they believe if not controlled will bring about the apocalypse and the end of the world.

At the head of this global effort is Pope Francis, the climate change savior and warrior, who is pushing Laudato Si, his green climate encyclical that includes a Sunday rest provision for the world. If Rome can declare a world-wide climate crisis, they can unify the people, pass laws and persecute their perceived enemies. For generations Rome has attempted to build a new social, religious, political movement for the unification of the world. They have now found it in the new green environmental movement and Seventh-day Adventists are now in full collaboration. #sda #adventist #adventista

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