Pope Labels SDA Fundamentalists, Disease, Mene2 Tekel, Upharsin,Ichabod Ev King Osiemo

Pope Labels SDA Fundamentalists, Disease, Mene2 Tekel, Upharsin,Ichabod Ev King Osiemo

Human enactments, laws manufactured by satanic agencies under a plea of goodness and restriction of evil, will be exalted, while God’s holy enactments are despised and trampled underfoot. And all who prove their loyalty by obedience to the law of Jehovah must be prepared to be arrested, to be brought before councils that have not for their standard the high and Holy law of God, but have made stringent laws inspired by him whose attributes were manifested at the trial of Christ. “We have a law,” these men said, “and by our law he ought to die” [John 19:7]….

In these religious zealots we have a sample of what humanity will do when they have the word that lighteth every man that cometh into the world, and work directly contrary to it, irrespective of the consequence, the future retribution upon their neighbors or themselves….

The kingdom of darkness is extending over the world, and is embracing every sphere of action of men. There are evil spirits working effectually upon every mind that can be led into apostasy through any cause whatever. The spirit of evil energizes the children of rebellion…

A demoniacal spirit takes possession of men in our world. They combine the perverted animal life with the perverted human animal-intelligence, making them human demons, detestable in the sight of God in proportion as they manifest the attributes of the satanic demon intelligence by culture, will rend and destroy man formed in the divine similitude, because he cannot c ontrol the conscience of his brother and make him disloyal to God’s holy law….

Satan was not a rough specimen of humanity. He had been one of the highest angels next to Christ. All his beauty and intelligence and excellence were derived from God. But he misapplied his powers….

He has an ever increasing energy in using that acquired knowledge. Thought is poisoned, and the force of wickedness, the abuse of his powers to hurt and destroy God’s heritage, will measure the daring of humanity, and their cruel satanic treatment of man against his fellow man. The more pain they can cause, the more complete is their work in destroying God’s heritage, and the more joy they give to the fallen apostate.

The world is represented in the apostate churches who are trampling upon the word of God, transgressing His whole law. They know not what spirit they are of, nor the end of the dark tunnel through which they are passing. They are hastening forward, deceived, deluded, blind, to the first and second deaths. The vast tide of human will and human passion is leading to things they did not dream of when they discarded the law of Jehovah for the inventions of man, to cause oppression and suffering to human beings….

The wicked rulers, the apostate churches, have been converted to the world, and they show just exactly what they would do in this age of the world, if they dared. If Christ were on the earth today, they would have no more desire for Him than had the Jewish nation at His first advent….

Rulers and teachers, who have caused souls to stumble over their perverted teachings; statesmen, senators, governors, all people who might have understood the prophecies, but who did not read and search to see if they were applicable for this time and concerned their individual selves, will be taken in the snare. They will reap eternal loss. They will suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy…. “And when they had blindfolded him, they struck him on the face, and asked him, saying, Prophesy, who is it that smote thee? And many other things blasphemously spake they against him” [Luke 22:64, 65]. Here we see how professedly righteous men can act out the spirit of Satan to carry their wicked purposes through envy and jealous and religious bigotry. “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel” [Genesis 3:15]. This enmity was revealed as soon as man transgressed God’s Holy Law. His nature was changed; it became evil. He was in harmony with the prince of darkness, and there was a confederacy formed. There is no warfare between Satan and the sinner, between fallen angels and fallen men. Both possess the same attributes, both are evil through apostasy and sin. Then let all who read these words understand for a surety that, wheresoever transgression against God’s holy law exists, there will always be a league against good.

Fallen angels and fallen men will unite in desperate companionship. Satan inspires the disloyal elements to work in harmony with his spirit. Christ has pledged himself to engage in the conflict with the prince and power of darkness and bruise the serpent’s head,…It is an unwearied conflict of which there is to be no end, until Christ shall come the second time without sin unto salvation to destroy him who has destroyed so many souls through his masterly deceiving power. Manuscript 104, September 28, 1897. (see also UL 285)

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