A School Asked its Boys to Wear Skirts as a Sign of Equality

A School Asked its Boys to Wear Skirts as a Sign of Equality

There was a time when kids went to school to get educated. Today they are being indoctrinated. We live in a world that is increasingly becoming more hostile to the Christian faith. On all sides, the radical LGBT+ culture flaunts its ever-growing acceptance. The growth and influence of the LGBT+ movement knows no bounds or limits. They are making inroads at every level of society and in all institutions.

In Scotland, a primary school has asked its male students to wear skirts. Castleview Primary in Edinburgh held an initiative on November 4, 2021 called “Wear a Skirt to School Day.” The idea was to teach students about equality and eliminate gender stereotypes. Radical, militant, LGBT+ and feminist teachers will never stop. They want 100% acceptance and endorsement and are using school children to further their agenda.

Western civilization is destroying itself by confusing children. They want to turn boys into girls and girls into boys. Cross-dressing has become the newest way of showing equality. This has nothing to do with equal rights and everything to do with the feminization of our boys. They are brainwashing young people by imposing their corrupt views on them at school. This is the mindset of those in charge of education.

Why don’t our pastors and churches stand up and state clearly that this is against the design of God? Why do we become afraid when it comes to standing up to the LGBT+ indoctrination of our children? Why do we become silent when it comes to taking a stance on sexuality? The reason why so many are silent on this important issue is because we don’t want to be labeled – homophobes. We are not homophobes when we say what God says about this matter. We are “theophobes” because we fear God and honor, obey and respect Him. This is the sum of our duty – to turn people from our own ways to the worship of the true God. #sda #adventist #adventista

Click to read the full story: http://adventmessenger.org/a-school-asked-its-boys-to-wear-skirts-as-a-sign-of-equality/

A School Asked its Boys to Wear Skirts as a Sign of Equality

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