Seventh-day Adventists, in Partnership with ADRA, Praise COP26 and will Launch a Global Climate Change Project, while Distancing themselves from Present Truth Ministries

Seventh-day Adventists, in Partnership with ADRA, Praise COP26 and will Launch a Global Climate Change Project, while Distancing themselves from Present Truth Ministries

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is adopting the same secular viewpoint on climate change being proposed by COP26, Pope Francis and other globalists. This secular view is one that completely ignores the Holy Scriptures and promotes the radical hysteria that our human civilization will come to an end within the next 10 years or less unless immediate and bold action is taken. On October 29, 2021, the Scottish Mission of Seventh-day Adventists released the following official “statement in response to the COP26 event.”

“The Scottish Mission of Seventh-day Adventists believe that our world is a gift from God and that we are His stewards instructed to manage the natural environment in a faithful and responsible manner. As such we want to take this opportunity to announce the Scottish Mission Climate Action Project in partnership with ADRA which will be launched on 9 November 2021. The project includes our short-term and long-term plans to tackle the issue of climate change on a local and global level.”

The statement basically says that Seventh-day Adventists fully agree with the popular climate agenda. The problem with the current climate movement is that ecology has become a pseudo-religion that embraces spiritualism. Our culture presents the earth and the cosmos as the center of all that we are and all that we must do. Nature is being presented as the object of our reverence and adoration. Animals, trees, water and the material world are placed on the same level as God. When Seventh-day Adventists publicly praise COP26 and do not publicly rebuke the worship of Mother Earth, we blur the line between truth and modern paganism.

Instead of publicly distancing themselves from the radical climate change religion espoused at COP26, the church has instead chosen to publicly distanced themselves from Amazing Word Ministries, a present truth ministry that is currently visiting Glasgow to distribute thousands of copies of the book the Great Controversy at COP26. Instead of distancing themselves from the beast and the image and the false prophets of Revelation, Seventh-day Adventists are making public statements telling the world that they are not part of those who are distributing the Great Controversy book. Notice what else the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Scotland declared:

“We would also like to use this opportunity to advise that we have been made aware of an initiative by Amazing Word Ministries International to distribute thousands of books, including Great Controversy and other independently published books, at COP26 in Glasgow … Amazing Word Ministries International is not supported, funded by, or affiliated with the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist Church which includes the Scottish Mission.”

Why would we lie to the world and tell them that the Great Controversy book is an “independently published book”? Adventists are disavowing the message that is contained in the book the Great Controversy and are instead publicly avowing the secular ideologies of the world. The new mission for these end-times and our most urgent message is no longer the one contained in the book the Great Controversy. Now we have replaced God’s warning with the new ecological end-time message from COP26. And rather than publicly committing ourselves to a global program to distribute the Three Angels’ Messages, as contained in Great Controversy, we prefer to embark on a “local” and “global” mission to “tackle the issue of climate change.”

We reached out to Amazing Word Ministries and its director, Emmanuel Nougaise, for a comment on this situation. We basically asked him what he was doing in Glasgow that would justify such a “worldwide” public repudiation by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Emmanuel Nougaise responded with the following:

“I am not doing anything different than what we have been told to do in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. We are only giving the message for this time as it is contained in the book the Great Controversy, and by the grace of God, we are spreading them like the leaves of autumn. I am with a team of faithful and dedicated Seventh-day Adventists here in Glasgow during COP26 and we are trying to warn people and make them aware of what the real agenda is and who is the main actor, which is Pope Francis and his encyclical on climate change, Laudato Si’. This papal encyclical calls for the implementation of Sunday to solve the climate crisis. This is the Sunday law that we are warned about in the book the Great Controversy, the Three Angels’ Messages and the Loud Cry message of Revelation 18. We are not doing anything new.”

Let us pray for these efforts in Glasgow and for all the truth-filled books that are reaching the people. Pray also that God will open the eyes of these blind leaders who are replacing the pillars of our faith with socialist and communist ideologies on the environment, as contained in the UN 2030 agenda. At this late hour in earth’s history, it is clear that our people are no longer just being deceived; no, we are now joining the end-time deception mechanism that will deceive others by advocating Catholic solutions for the world. Let us not forget that the Antichrist is presenting himself as the greatest ecologist and ecumenist in the world, and we are being led straight into his arms, at full speed. #sda #adventist #adventista

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Seventh-day Adventists, in Partnership with ADRA, Praise COP26 and will Launch a Global Climate Change Project, while Distancing themselves from Present Truth Ministries

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