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Dear Brother and Sister, I have now written the vision God gave me. I am tired sitting so long. Our position looks very clear. We know we have the truth, the midnight cry is behind us, the door was shut in 1844 and Jesus is soon to step out from between God and man. The sealing will then be accomplished – finished up. Oh, let us keep on the whole armor of God that we may be ready for battle at any moment. We shall have to fight every inch of ground now. Satan has come down in great power, knowing his time is short; but with the commandments of God written in our hearts and in our minds [we] will go on strong and bold, and although the sons of Anak be many and tall, yet we will go on crying, The commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus. Lt5-1849.16

Glory be to God, we shall get the victory and enter the goodly land if we keep the commandments. Oh yes, and we shall have right to the tree of life, and drink of those streams that make glad the city of our God, and we shall behold the lovely face of Jesus and be made like Him. Lift up your heads and rejoice, your redemption is nigh. Lt5-1849.17

Arabella, the Lord is coming; are you all ready? Can you meet Him in peace and say, This is our God, we have waited for Him? Oh do take hold on the strength of God and make peace with Him, that you may stand when the earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard. And the rest of the children, – I cannot call them by name, – Love God with your whole hearts and pray much that you may be sealed. It is of great importance that you secure your soul’s salvation. Much love to all. Lt5-1849.18

E. G. White Lt5-1849 1 500 1849


Author: Adventist Angels Watchman Radio

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